Frequently Asked Questions About Our Process:

What is Direct-to-Garment Printing?

Direct-to-Garment (DTG) Printing is the process of printing garments using a state-of-the-art printer that
sprays environmentally friendly textile ink directly onto a garment. Unlike screen-printing, the ink becomes a
part of the shirt, adhering to the 100% cotton fibers after being heated. The result is a shirt with a beautiful,
full color image, which feels very soft to the touch.

No Set-Up Charges and No Minimums - What does that mean?

Let me explain. Traditional screen-printers charge anywhere from $25.00 to $35.00 dollars per color in order
to cover the cost of preparing a "screen" for your print. This extra cost is often billed as "Set-Up Charges".
This could add hundreds of dollars in fees to your final invoice. Also, it is screen-print industry standard to
not print multi-colored jobs unless their is a minimum of at least 24 shirts/garments!!

What is the difference between DTG and Screen-printing?

Screen-printing uses plastisol ink, which is composed primarily of two ingredients (PVC resin (a white
powder) and plasticizer (a thick, clear liquid). It is then applied to the shirt, one color at a time. Each of these
colors is pushed through an individual screen that holds the design. These screens, the time to setup the job
and the post-job clean up normally make up the “screen” and “setup” fees. Our method does not use screens.
Instead, a Direct-to-Garment printer prints directly onto the shirt using environment-friendly textile ink. This
means no limits on colors and no costly screen or setup fees. If your artwork meets our basic requirements
(see below), we can print 1 to an unlimited amount of shirts.

What brand shirts do you print on?

We print on a 6.1oz T-shirt i.e. Hanes, Gildan, Pro-5, Pro Club,
100% cotton Short Sleeve
What formats or files do you accept?

We prefer a Photoshop Document (PSD) (PDF), but we can also print using other formats such as JPEGS.
The image must be the size you want printed, as well as at least 300 dpi.


* There is a 25.00 art charge for customer designs *
You are allowed a ONE TIME change allowance after approving the Final Design
any changes thereafter will be charged $ 15.00 per change will apply*

What are some of people we have printed for?

We have printed shirts for businesses, Voices of Hope Ministries, Vessels of Praise, Fishers of Men Ministries
Various Gospel Artists, Various Churches, Youth Groups, Family Reunions,
the list is extensive!!!
We specialize in making your shirts beautiful and something you are proud and excited to wear!

*** GOD BLESS ***
Please attach your image @300dpi